Sunday, 9 May 2010

Wedding Photos

I have been getting a row from some of my friends for not sharing more photos of my wedding. So here are a couple more. As I wasnt prepared for this wedding and it was a total shock I wore a dress I had taken with me.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Surprise Surprise

Well no one was more surprised than I was. Douglas proposed to me on Monday night while we were in Las Vegas and we were marrried on Wednesday at noon in LasVegas and 8pm in Scotland. I think I am still in shock yet. Anyway we had a fantastic day yesterday. We were collected by a limo and taken to the wedding chapel. I changed there and the photographer took some photos. The ceremony was also relayed on the web so that my family back home in Scotland could watch. It was a lovely ceremony. More photos taken and then the limo took us back to the hotel. We went out for a lovely meal and then went to see Phantom of the Opera to finish off the day.

So now I am Mrs Stevens. It was a brilliant day.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bad Blogger

Hi all. Been a bad blogger recently. Have had so many things to do regarding work and packing for my hols. I am also taking a table at a craft stall at the end of May so have been putting things together for that.

At the moment I am in sunny Las Vegas, although there is a bit of a chilly wind. Have been relaxing the last couple of days - have done a few shows and a bit of sightseeing but nothing major.

Hope to be back crafting soon and promise I will let you see some photos.