Saturday, 31 December 2011

Some Exciting News

Had some fantastic news today. My brother in law has been awarded an MBE in the Queens Honours List. We are all so proud of him. He was awarded the MBE for services to Vulnerable Children and Young People in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Well done John.  My sister would have been proud of you if she were still with us.


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Afternoon everyone.  Hope you have had a good day and that Santa has been good to you.  Its been a busy week here.  I returned back to work this week after almost 6 months of being sick with pancreatitis.  It was touch and go really when I was admitted to hospital and I am thankful to still be here.  I knew I was ill, but I had no idea how critically ill I was.  But thats in the past.  I've been shattered this week, but survived it.  LOL.

We've had a few disasters this week. Our broadband has gone down, so this is a quick post from my mobile, the microwave broke yesterday so had to go out and get a new one.  Hubby's bank card was eaten up in the ATM when he went to withdraw money on Friday night when their systems went down and last night I discovered that my laptop had been hacked and had to call the police to report it.  I'll be glad when this year is over and can start a new one.

So wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and for those who have lost someone close this year, I'm sending massive hugs to you all.


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Candles

I have been wanting to do some candles for ages but just have never got around to it.  I decided that I wanted to do a candle on the same theme as the cards for my nieces and their husbands.  Its my first attempt - the photo looks a bit hazy but I think its the image.

Not only do they look hazy, they are squint.  But I'm sure they will be ok when they get them.  Might try some more one day.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Fireworks at Weston Pier

I love going to watch fireworks and my hubby and I went on the 5th November to watch the fireworks at Weston pier.  They were a bit disappointing.  Only lasted ten minutes when they normally last about 20.  On the way back from the doctors the other day I noticed a sign saying there was going to be fireworks at the pier last night.  Told hubby about it and he looked on the net and because people were disappointed they were having a free display last night.  Some people had paid to go onto the pier to watch them and I guess they felt they had been ripped off.

So here as some pics of last nights show.  I didnt take the piccies.  My camera wouldnt cope with them, so cannot take any credit for them - hubby is responsible.

It lasted 20 minutes and started bang on time.

It was a lovely clear evening.  They were lucky on both occasions that there was no rain.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Commissioned 40th Birthday card for a football fan

Although I am down south now, I still get requests from friends in Glasgow to make cards.  This one is for a Rangers supporter and like all football supporters he loves things to do with his favourite team.  This image is ideal as its the front entrance of Rangers Football Club.

Hope it went down well with him.

The card has been decoupaged (well what else would I do), but its not too noticeable from the picture.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Commissioned 85th birthday card

As I'm starting to feel a bit better, I had agreed to make a birthday card for one of my friends to give to a friend of hers.  The lady is going to be 85 at the end of this month.  I had originally thought of doing flowers on the card, but I guess when you get to that age that she will probably get a few cards with flowers on it, so decided on something else.

I'll post it off so that it gets there in plenty of time. I hope she likes it.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hubby's 50th Birthday Card

50th Birthday Card - Twisted Easel

It was my hubby's 50th birthday and as I had been quite ill in hospital and just discharged, I hadnt a clue what I was going to do for a card for him.  I made a couple and binned them (as we do).  The day of his birthday I gave him all the other cards he had and I still hadnt finished mine for him.  Bits were on and then off and then in the bin.  Eventually I made this one.  It was rushed and not what I wanted but I finished it and gave it to him when he finished work.  It was the first twisted easel card I had made and might not make another.

Monday, 19 September 2011

New Job Card

My hubby lost his job just after I moved in with him. It was a bit of a struggle but we managed - what a start to married life. I was delighted when he got a new job and made this card for him. He's a poker player, so thought this was appropriate.
Papers from the making cards magazine supplement for Men.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Some Sad News

1943 - 2011

After four years of battling with cancer my dear friend Kathy passed away peacefully yesterday. Kathy was such a lovely kind and caring person and touched many people's lives. She fought this battle very hard and to be honest she was given 3 months when she was diagnosed which shows how determined she was to beat it. She had exceeded many goals and I guess we all thought that she would continue to beat them. I am completely devastated by the news. My thoughts and prayers are with all her family. There will be such a hole in their lives. RIP Kathy.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

Sorry this post is late but have just recovered from a bout of flu. Hope Everyone has a fantastic year and wishing everyone Health, Wealth and Happiness.