Monday, 21 November 2011

Fireworks at Weston Pier

I love going to watch fireworks and my hubby and I went on the 5th November to watch the fireworks at Weston pier.  They were a bit disappointing.  Only lasted ten minutes when they normally last about 20.  On the way back from the doctors the other day I noticed a sign saying there was going to be fireworks at the pier last night.  Told hubby about it and he looked on the net and because people were disappointed they were having a free display last night.  Some people had paid to go onto the pier to watch them and I guess they felt they had been ripped off.

So here as some pics of last nights show.  I didnt take the piccies.  My camera wouldnt cope with them, so cannot take any credit for them - hubby is responsible.

It lasted 20 minutes and started bang on time.

It was a lovely clear evening.  They were lucky on both occasions that there was no rain.

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