Saturday, 24 March 2012

Slight Accident

Well, what with me being back at work full time after my pancreatitis I just havent had the time to blog.  I have made a few things and will upload the photos soon, but have had a slight accident.

Last Saturday I caught my heel at the top of the stairs and fell all my length.  It was one of those things that when it happened I knew it would end in disaster. Well I hit my head on the wall on the way down and it bent back, which has given me whiplash. I've got a massive bruise on the top of my thigh. Two bruised knees - one looks as if it has an egg on it too, but the worst bit is I put my hand out - like you do - and I broke my scaphoid and I'm in plaster. What a nightmare it is. Even the simplest things are difficult to do.  Its driving me nuts and I've to be in plaster for about 4 weeks. 

And before anyone says it - it was 10 in the morning and I hadnt been drinking,  LOL.  So no crafting for me or knitting. Boy do I miss it.  And typing is difficult.