Saturday, 10 January 2009

Had a busy week this week so not had a chance to craft. Started a training course for 13 weeks on Monday so have been tired too. Last night it was my friend Andrew's 10th anniversary of him being in business. I was with him the first night he was doing a Business Plan and worked all week with him after work so that he could go to the bank with it. I have been a firm supporter during all of this time and I am so pleased that it has all worked out.

The theme for the party/dinner was James Bond. The room was all done up with balloons in the shape of diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades with the same type of confetti on the tables. On each table there were dice with the name of the company on and for each guest there was a gift. I had arrived early and helped set it all up with him and a few others. Andrew is a perfectionist and the plan for last night had been going for about 6 months. He had a Shirley Bassey lookalike performing during the dinner and she was fantastic.
There were also some casino tables set out where everyone could play roulette or black jack after dinner. It was a fantastic night. The food and drink was free all night. He had a raffle organised which was in aid of Cancer Research. There were fabulous prizes almost all of them themed around James Bond. Just over £1,000 was raised on the night which was a fantastic amount. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I think a few of the people had no idea what they were coming to.


  1. Sounds like a fab evening! I hope the new job goes well too xx

  2. looks like you all had fun - good luck with the new job xx

  3. never say never Linda - who wasnt ever going to blog - it blogging well caught you didnt it!

  4. Congratulations Andrew!!
    Glad you all had a fab night...with Martini's...shaken not stirred! ^.^