Sunday, 24 January 2010

Las Vegas

Here are a couple of piccies of Douglas and I in Las Vegas. We had a fantastic time. Weather was cool for them but just nice for us. This one was taken along the strip. Douglas wanted to put his kilt on one of the days and have his picture taken outside some of the places he played poker. LOL. One kind guy asked if we wanted our pictures taken together - I felt a bit under dressed. We bumped into a Glaswegian who had lived in Vegas for lots of years. So I gave him a rundown on what was different now. This one is across from Caesar's Palace.

This one is at the fountains in front of The Bellagio Hotel. Made famous by Ocean's Eleven. Its a fantastic show. We went and had a look at night and had a coffee in the hotel. Very posh indeed. I believe that George Clooney had the place in an uproar as they had it all sealed off when they were filming, but he kept on coming out during the filming and the place was buzzing.

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